Good Monitor for GameDev and modelling

Dual BenQ RL2455HM 24 inch Gaming Monitor be good for GameDev and modelling?

Yeah, that’s fine

That’s a good one, but when you have some money left (or when you buy a cheaper one), I personally would recommend you to buy a 2nd screen (you can also get some very cheap ones over ebay), because it’s so useful when you are working with an engine or a 3d program (e.g I use my 24’’ screen in combination with my 17’’). :slight_smile:

i already have this monitor was just going to buy a second one. just wasn’t sure if it was suitable for gamedev.

Looks pretty nice! We use Dell UltraSharp 24" Monitors in work. They’re really nice, but they have high latency (8ms I think) and I’ve also found that the contrast is much nicer than what you get on most peoples TV’s, so you end up making something look really nice on them, only for it to look like **** on a TV set…

The Dell ultrasharp monitors are usually designed for high color accuracy

I have 2x 1440p Asus PB278Q, it’s a lot of screen space

this monitor has 1 ms :stuck_out_tongue: for half the price

The colour reproduction though is terribad though, that is the trade-off. For lower response time and higher Hz you sacrifice colour or you pay out the teeth to get both colour and response time

I have to buy a monitor, I was using a t.v. to play games on it like a 24 inch hd but it doesn’t do well for the game dev