good lowpoly vegetation for Archviz?

Hello, I would like to know your opinion. I use Unreal for archviz and clients usually bring projects done in 3dsMax with a lot of vegetation (high poly proxies). The last project had 40 million triangles only in vegetation (in max).

I reduced it to 1.7 million in Unreal.

I have seen people exporting projects (20 million tris) directly from 3DsMax to Unreal (FBX or Datasmith) but I think that is not recommended*.
A project with 20 million tris can work fine in the editor, but after packaging, the executable will have a huge size and you will need a powerful computer to be able to “walk”.

On one occasion, I exported a complete project with 130 million triangles in Unreal, and my computer didn’t work fluently.
Clients doesn’t usually have a better PC than mine, so I changed the idea of ​​showing the project in Unreal for make whith Vray.

My clients doesn’t want videos in Unreal. They want to walk freely on the stage.
We can put and remove vegetation in the areas showed by the camera when we make video. But when we make a complete scene (a group of houses with garden and common pool), the vegetation must always be present in all areas.

I usually see the marketplace to look for low poly vegetation, and I also know the Evermotion packages for Unreal, however, I observe that vegetation is not really an acceptable “low poly”. Many models are still “high poly”.
There is a lot of vegetation in Marketplace but most of it is focused on forests, jungles … there is not good low poly vegetation for archviz.

Do you know any pack of vegetation? I am looking for good quality and low polygon.
I was looking for hedges in the last work and I founded some models “low poly” with 300.000 tris and a long of 2 meters… this is not “low poly” for me. A low poly hedge with 2 meters should be 25.000 tris aprox.

  • Datasmith run fine, but if the project have 20 different models with 1 million of tris per model… you’ll have 20 millions of tris in Unreal.

You’d be surprised at the polycounts you can get away with if you use the foliage tools within UE4 that will cull or LOD distant foliage.

Check out SpeedTree, there’s free assets on their store and a trial for the software.