Good contact shadows for Archviz? Light type?

I’m confused about how I should set my lights, static, moveable etc. and if I should use ray traced distant shadows. I’m trying to get good contact shadows and shadows in general. My scenes will be exported as jpeg sequences and in the future navigated in real time.

Can someone explain to me what I should set the lights to?


Interior or exterior? Both have different techniques for the best result and all lighting solutions have cons & pros.

Right now I’m doing an interior scene and have lights set to static, my lightmap rez is pretty high 1024 and up on the surfaces where objects touch. I am not getting good contact shadows and some objects appear to float.

I have a directional sun, two point lights in lamps and some IES downlights lighting a painting and wall surface.

You need to bring indirect lighting into the room in order to get proper contact shadows. One way to do it is to use a plane and a spotlight with very high intensity for every window. Later on you can set the plane mesh as Hidden in Game in order to be able to see outside through the window. Here are two screenshots for visual aid:

Thanks, I have that set up too - though the light coming in is very minimal.

Double the indirect lighting intensity of the spotlights. If it doesnt help either post some screenshot to show us how you set your lighting.

I had an ambient cube map using an HDRI to get some more light in the room it was killing my shadows so I turned it way down. The spot reflectors when I crank the intensity gives me light leaks, it’s a Sketchup model of a loft space.

I just went with static lights and no ray traced distant shadows, it looks okay I guess.