good c++ tutorial for intermediate programmer

so i tried some intro videos i found on youtube, but didnt get very far. i have quite alot of programming experience in as far as ive programmed java and others and have studied design patterns, i understand pointers, header files, oop and suchlike and written some full apps, but im really confused by integrating code into the ue4 api. does anyone know any good resources for someone like me?

Hey MarcusRivers as you will realize sooner or later we have almost 0 resources to learn (seriously the tutorials out there are garbage, even the “officials” ones), by the other hand we have access to the full source code, what I did and maybe that might work for you is read the code from the templates to begin with. A good strategy adopted by the advanced users is prototype in blueprints and then translate all that into c++, trust me it is way faster than write c++ from scratch. You can find some resources for blueprints if you google it.
Finally like I mentioned before, reading the source code is the best thing to do, usually it is very well commented, nevertheless not so well written sometimes.

Happy code hunting!

Edit: take a look of the wiki: the code is not updated, but the concepts are still valid.