Going through levels using the same widget.

Newbie here! I created a mesh and an animation and i’ve created an event on overlap to do the animation once and then fade in a widget. I got 2 problems now. Firsly, i tried to make a variable in my mesh’s bp to open each time the same widget(next level) until it meets the condition to open the “end game” widget and.(mind there’s only 1 mesh on each level and the character needs to ovelap the colision box mesh to get to the next level). That bp(as shown in the photos) doesnt run on every level but it works one time and that bp works the same for all levels. it doesnt loop and i tried to make that bp using branch but still same issue. Secondly, I want to use the same widget and the same button to go through different level each time but i can find a way to do it since i cant find a way to use the variable from mesh’s bp.

P.S i know i can put a trigger box on each level and use a bp to go through levels but thats not the way i want to do it.