Going mad: Cannot rotate static mesh properly, as a child of another static mesh

Hi all,
I’m completely stumped on using a cylindrical static mesh component as a tire on a vehicle. I was just rigging up a prototype to get my gamepad LStick right axis to turn the tire and what I’m finding is:
a)When I first created the cylindrical static mesh, it is created with the flat side facing z. So I rotated it to be like a normal tire, that is z is horizontal.
b)Any rotation, whether local or world applied to it causes it to reset to it’s original vertical facing z.
c)So I tried adding a scene component between the cylinder mesh and the car mesh, in maya or other 3d programs, this allows the geo to have it’s own relative space to transform in. NOPE, same exact issue.
Even rotating the scene component instead of the cylinder mesh gave the same exact issues.
d)I tried pre-rotating both the cylinder and the scene in the contruction script, NOPE.

So am I just wasting my time and I should just make a mesh in a 3d program that is oriented correctly? It seems crazy that the cylindrical component is essentially locked to it’s spawning orientation if transforms are attempted on it.

Does anyone have any insight as to the root of this? I can figure out the solution if I can just understand what exactly I’m dealing with.

(help he whimpered, desperately)

Resolved: I forgot to plug in the current rotation degrees on the other non-turning axes into the make rotation->set rotation. Let that be a lesson to you whipper-snappers!