Going insane!!!

How the hell do i add paths?!?!

IE… Rocks/Dirt/Grass/Cobblestone?

The “paint” tool doesnt work and i cant find a tut anywher!


Splines or vertex painting.

It depends on which type of paths ^^ e.g when you just want to have some cobbelstone and dirt on the ground you can use the landscape paint tool (landscape material) in combination with the foilage tool to place small stones or grass

Otherwise use the suggestions from ZacD :slight_smile:

Hi Guys…

it doesnt work?

I just want to add some dirt ontop of my grass? why is this like the most complex trhing about this engine?

You mean a dirt texture over your grass texture? -> have you already created a landscape material? (the first part)
Otherwise post a pic of your material setup

Hi fighter,

Thanks for the video!

I’ll check it out tomorrow. Didn’t think it would be as complicated as adding a blueprint? Would of thought you could just add a base layer and paint on top?

I’ll post my results.

Don’t think of it as “complicated” think of it as flexible. You might want a different setup than I do. What the provide is the means to get what you want (within reason) the way you want it. So yeah, you have to do a bit more work for yourself, but its not as limiting if you have specific requirements for how things look. Not all terrain texturing is done the same way.


Thanks for the response!

I just want to be able to cover the whole world in grass, and then add a bit of stones, dirt, rough textures on top?

Surely I thought the paint tool would work just like paint? Go straight on top of the grass?

Any ideas?

Have you tried youtube? I mean there’s at least two videos I know of that cover what you’re asking about. Long story short, you need a material on your landscape, you need to setup the material so you have the layers you want to paint in it, then you can paint whatever you want. Literally, go to youtube and do a search for “Unreal Engine Landscape Tutorial” and you’ll find them. OR go read the documentation page for landscapes. Either of those worked fine for me.

Just watch the tutorial that I posted above, it will explain everything :wink:
Some important notes that nearly no video shows:
-before you can paint you have to click on the little “+” beside the layers
-you can paint with ctrl+left mouse button

To cover the entire landscape you just have to choose the paint brush with a large size + a strenght of 1. Now paint everything with grass and after that choose another layer and add the other stuff