glTF2 Loader Buried in Google's Hello Poly Project

Hullo all,

I haven’t played with it too much, but I wanted to bring to everyone’s attention that Google’s Hello Poly project (get it here: Google Poly API Announced, Poly Toolkit SDK for Unreal Released - Unreal Engine) released today includes a very interesting MIT licensed glTF2 loader that I’d never seen before.
This means that loading assets at runtime may be a real possibility moving forward with Unreal Engine, which would be huge for all of us who have been asking about importing FBX files in a game module at runtime.

I’m not sure where this loader comes from, since there isn’t yet an UnrealglTF2 published at the KhronosGroup’s Github to match the UnityGLTF repository, so go grab it from Hello Poly!


good find… can’t wait to check it out and play with it…