glTF re-import issue.

I’ve been trying to use glTF 2.0 exports (.glb) of my architectural scene from Blender 2.81 with Datasmith.
Using 4.23.1 glTF import works great. No tedious mucking about with FBX whilst awaiting the arrival of a Datasmith .blend importer. :wink:
Unfortunately, re-import recreates every static mesh asset in the scene regardless of it being changed in the re-imported source file or not. Indeed, if I re-import the identical .glb file to the original import every asset is recreated - losing any changes I may make.
I know the importer is experimental - Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong that causes this behaviour?

Could you please elaborate more ? What is the input you are putting into system ? What is the output you will you get ? What is the output you expecting ?

I’ve switched to 4.24 Dataprep workflow. So far re-import (by executing the Dataprep asset again) is behaving itself.