Global UV Tiling | Unwanted Setting Change

Hey all,

I was importing lots of assets from Megascans and placing them around.

The next time I loaded the project, seems like all the UV were off somehow.
I tried raising the tiling from the default 1 to 10 and then everything looked normal again.

However, the one material I set to 0.1 before, now had to be set on 1.
Meaning somehow there was a global UV-ratio change of sorts.

I tried googling around about something like that but couldn’t find. What did I miss?

Thanks again for all your help, you save my life!

Hey !

I found a solution for this for those who might experience the same problem:

Full uninstall of Bridge + the UE4 plugin (both from the project folder and from the Megascans library folder)

Then reinstalling everything