Global Illumination + Dx12

I just enabled DFAO in my project and I was wonder if Global Illumination is enabled by default in 4.9. If not, is this way still valid?
I don’t want to do anything to mess up my project, but I’m looking to make it look a lot better.

Another question is… Is Dx12 just a performance boost or is it more than that?

Distance Field GI is not enabled by default, if you need that feature check out this thread:

If you don’t need dynamic GI, then use the baked lighting which can do very high quality GI and it will perform much better (though not dynamic)

DX12 is primarily an improvement for the number of draw calls, meaning you can have better performance with large numbers of objects. I don’t know how it affects UE4 yet, from what I gather the implementation is not complete and you may want to wait to use it until it’s finished.