GLES 3.xx, shorter build time and smaller build size ?

I was going over various project settings and I don’t see any options for render target. Is GLES3.x a default render target when deploying for Android / Gear VR ?

Is there a way to shorten build time when doing full rebuild? I spent ~3.5 hrs building (initially; full rebuild) a default scene. I can’t imagine what would it take to build actual map (or several maps) for release build o.O

Final size was ~130Mb. I am not sure if it’s ok or not. I would think test scene should take less storage space since it’s just 4 walls and a few cubes there. Has anyone found a way to bring build size down ?


Have a read over the following document to ensure that you are not packagine up assets you are not using.

Using the info in this document I was able to bring a project from around 200MB to just 55MB when packaged and ready to deploy to the store. If you have any further questions please let us know.

Thanks Sam.

What about GLES 3.x ? Is there any good reason it’s not available in 4.10 binaries and requires engine to be rebuilt from the source ?