Gizmos are tilted [UE4.24]

Hey Community, my gizmo on my level viewport of UE4.24 is tilted. Does anyone happen to know how to adjust the gizmo so it’s the right direction again without any tilt in the World space? Now, all my objects rotate in the viewport without me assigning any values to them.

Here is a sample. As you can see, the gizmo point is tilted.

Click here to make the gizmo switch between object and world space:


@ClockworkOcean I know switching to local and world space sets gizmos to default position, but I want it back in default position in the world space and not just the local space. (It’s tilted in the world space, and I want it set back to not tilted in the world space as referenced in the image above. I don’t know how to explain but hopefully you get what I mean).

In your picture, the gizmo IS in world space. If you drag a cube into the picture, the X axis will align with the X of your mesh.

It’s your mesh that’s out of whack.

EDIT: Maybe what you mean, is you want to correct the pivot rotaton. Then take a look at this:

or get this ( I use it all the time ):

@ClockworkOcean I fixed the gizmo points after some adjusting, thanks for your help! :slight_smile: