Giving away free Mocap Animations (FACE+BODY+FINGERS) in exchange for Ideas

Hello folks,

We at Gamasome Interactive have built a full body Motion capture system including fingers and face. We are using perception neuron for the body capture which then processed to make production quality Mocap animation and we built the facial Mocap solution built from scratch using python and some custom hardware.

Here are the links:
We are planning to create a Mocap Pack for Unreal Marketplace, for that we need to sort down a list of animations that is required by most of the game developers.
We are planing to give away FREE MOCAP animations for whom ever gives us a list of animations they require to continue their ambitions project. We will compile our list based on community’s requirement.

Never worked on this stuff so I don’t know if my opinion can be useful but probably I would need a facial expressions pack, some “gestures” with the fingers (don’t need to go into detail :wink: ) and some specific body’s animations like strafing,idle animations,crouching,laying and stuff like that. Maybe you can also try to do some stunts like somersaults etc…

We have all sorts of motions like walking, running and jumping but we have less conversation mocaps. Like two people talking or argue etc…

Climbing different sorts of ladders, getting into a car, coming out of one.
Some non-combat military: doing pushups, or other exercises, saluting, marching:forward, turning, standing etc. in cover covering ears (impending explosion). Full ground contact crawling (like under barbwire fence in training).
Getting into bed, sleeping, standing up from bed.

PS: you should put a marker on the tip of the nose, in that first video the characters nose goes all crazy since it has too much influence form that upper lip one, and it shouldnt.

We’d like to see an RPG animations pack on the Marketplace that included everyday activities such as reading, eating and drinking, house cleaning, harvesting activities, crafting activities, emotes, and so forth.

A pack of wounded animations – limping, holding arm, holding head, etc – and combat medic animations – surgery, bandaging, etc – would also be helpful.

Yeah we have a lot of basic movement motions around but not a lot of more finer motions like conversation gestures or world interactions, just need some small motions to give the world that little bit more attention to detail and to make the world seem more alive.

Gestures, expressions, idle or conversation-communication animations are always interesting.

I’m currently investigating facial animation solutions since in about a month I’ll be needing those for our current project.

Basically we’re looking for facial animations for different moods, list down below:


Was wondering if it’s in your scope of things you’d be able to put up working in Unreal environment. Drop me a pm if you’d like to hear more.

Arrest animations:

  • Arrest standing opponent
  • Arrest kneeling opponent
  • Arrest laying on ground opponent
  • Be arrested standing
  • Be arrested kneeling
  • Be arrested laying on ground
  • Unarrest standing opponent (cut cuffs using toolkit)
  • Unarrest kneeling opponent
  • Unarrest laying on ground opponent
  • Surrender standing (put hands on head, being ready to get arrested)
  • Surrender kneeling (go in knees, put hands on head, being ready to get arrested)
  • Surrender laying (lay on ground, being ready to get arrested)
  • Unsurrender standing (go back in normal pose)
  • Unsurrender kneeling
  • Unsurrender laying on ground to crouch

Arrested movement:

  • Walk forward with hands bound on back
  • Walk backward with hands bound on back
  • Strafe walk left with hands bound on back
  • Strafe walk right with hands bound on back
  • Crouch forward on knees with hands bound on back
  • Crouch backward on knees with hands bound on back
  • Strafe crouch left on knees with hands bound on back
  • Strafe crouch right on knees with hands bound on back

Interaction animations:

  • Place door wedge (place object at bottom of door)
  • Remove door wedge (remove object at bottom of door)
  • Place breaching charge (place object below door handle)
  • Remove breaching charge (remove object blow door handle)
  • Use breach shotgun (shoot 2 or 3 door hinges)
  • Use toolkit on object (use toolkit like for cutting bomb wires)
  • Carry 2handed (carry object like boxes)
  • Carry 1handed (carry object like suite case)

Looking at the current animations available in the marketplace 99% of the basic is already available so what would make a nice addition is A-B sync animation for say knife fights and take downs that usually requires renting studio time.

A nice change though is instead of a package covering a bunch of general animations it would be nice to have smaller matched sets based on a theme set up with ready to use blendspaces and animation BP’s. An 8-way movement package ready to plug and play that takes into account stops/starts turns has value over and above raw individual clips. A take down package as unique to a theme becomes and impulse purchase over buying an 80 dollar package just to get the few that are of use.

As a though/idea as a (cough cough) professional animator I do not buy mocap animations as to what I need but based on price and fair use licensing that I can make us in any project I wish. For the most part I already have most of anything where the character is grounded so anything in air or where character interact physically is something of interest to me.

A question I have though is who’s framework are you using? Is this a custom rigging solution necessary to to match with your animation sets or are you using Epic’s base rig?

A bonus idea.

Animations is not bound by any unique 3d space so a open marketplace to check out is over at If you check out available animation packages, more so for the G3 framework there is very little, are not that good, and very expensive as compared to what is available on Epic’s marketplace. A little retargeting work to Genesis 3 and you could sell your product into a much larger, and focused, marketplace.

A Mocap with a raising of a weapon (sword), like in a moment of Attack and or victory would be nice. In case of attack weapon would point towards the target (to the front). Thanks for your offer.

Wow, that’s a great idea, thanks a lot for your generosity; I hope you will share the animations with many developers :slight_smile:

For my hobby project (mostly simulation of everyday social life), it would be great to have some animations, which are not easy to find tuned for the same skeleton. Here are some ideas:

Simple in-house actions:

  • sit down/stand up (variations - occasional, formal, sit straight, slouch back, bring a chair closer before sit down, move it away when stand up, sit down on a sofa, male, female etc.)
  • open/close a fridge or a cupboard
  • open/close a locker
  • open/close a drawer while sitting
  • open/close a drawer while standing
  • cross/uncross hands
  • cross/uncross legs (variations - male, female)
  • yawn (variations - politely, freely)
  • sneeze (variations - politely, freely)
  • throwing something into a disposal bin
  • turning on a TV, switching channels etc.
  • read a book (turning pages)
  • use a cellphone (variations - answer a call, make a call, pick the phone from a table, take it out of different pockets or a purse)
  • eat with a fork and a knife
  • eat with a spoon
  • drink from a cup
  • drink from a bottle

Outdoor actions:

  • walking (variations - sloppy, elegantly, occasionally)
  • walking with a cane
  • taking a standing pose (variations - military, normal, occasional, sloppy, leaning to a wall, with a hand stretched against a wall, with a hand in a pocket
  • smoking (yeah, I know, it’s not cool…)
  • boarding/unboarding a car as a passenger
  • boarding/unboarding a car as the driver
  • opening a car door for somebody
  • using a lift
  • using a door keypad
  • using an ATM
  • paying with money
  • paying with a card (card swiping gesture)

Different forms of greetings:

  • wave
  • shake hands (variations - informal, formal)
  • kiss a hand (like a gentleman meeting a lady)
  • lift a hat
  • military salute

Actions at work:

  • write on a board
  • give a presentation or a lecture (a set of small animations like going to a table, picking a sheet of paper, reading it aloud while walking, then putting it back)
  • use a phone (variations - use while sitting, use while standing - will require leaning forward to reach the phone on the table)
  • use a computer keyboard
  • write with a pen (variations - carefully, sloppy, sitting, standing)

Idle animations for sitting:

  • tapping fingers on a table
  • putting hands in different gestures (A shape, all fingers crossed, hands on a table, hands on the lap)
  • scratching the chin as if thinking
  • slouching back
  • leaning forward
  • fiddling with a pen while listening or thinking

Actions on yourself:

  • blowing your nose in a tissue
  • cleaning your mouth with a napkin
  • actions in front of a mirror, such as adjusting your hair (variations - male, female), tie knot, tie itself, doing make-up for eyes,lips, adjusting your belt (as if moving it up)
  • patting a pocket as if checking if everything is inside
  • putting a wallet into/out of a pocket

Facial animations:

  • besides the usual list of various kinds expressions, there are some animations (mostly at a mesh morph level, I guess) which are often neglected. Usually when you stand at a bus stop and wait, your thoughts wander around, and your face is not still - there are some subtle animations going on, both on your face and sometimes involving your hands. You get dreamy, you smile slightly, you touch your nose or lips, you scratch your cheek etc. These kinds of animations could really give more life to NPC characters.

Ok, enough from me, I guess.

Also, similarly to FrankieV, I’m also curious, which skeleton are you going to use?

It is important to have support for IK bones and attachment markers and also to consider root motion, so we can have programmatic control over the animations. Also, the animations and the skeleton should account for LODs to save CPU power and skip some bones, in case we need a bunch of NPCs running around and performing your animations. Choosing (or creating) a skeleton to support all kinds of animations and fully leverage UE4.14 animation features might turn out to be a serious task, unless you have already done it. I have heard people criticizing UE mannequin, Blender’s Rigify and other skeletons for various reasons (issues with twist bones, fingers, root motion etc.). So, it would be great to have not only the animations but also a fully UE4.14 compatible skeleton to run all your animations smoothly.

Thanks again for your generosity and I wish you good luck!

Great idea,
there are lots of animations available for fighting and dancing.
As a genre filmmaker I’m more interested in everyday social life
and typical behaviour/acting as seen in horror movies.

I’m also interested in your pricing and how we would order custom animations.

Standard actions:

  • lots of idle movement/small movements
  • open/close doors, windows
  • sit down/stand up
  • leaning against wall, railings
  • picking up things from floor/table
  • reading a book/tablet/magazine
  • using a remote control
  • switching on/off light
  • use a cellphone
  • eat and drink

Horror action

  • careful walking, orienting left/right with many versions
  • same with a flashlight
  • standing at a railing, looking down
  • shock reactions
  • turning/running away
  • stumbling/falling

etc and much from the points above. :slight_smile:

Common RPG/Fantasy Animations that aren’t well represented in the Marketplace:

  • Drawing an Arrow,
  • Firing a Bow
  • Holding 2 daggers/knives (associated movements, attacks, etc.)
  • Holding a wand / staff (associated movements, spell casting, etc.)

Maybe some parkour movements? Would be cool to use those in games:

-Safety vault
-Speed vault
-Lazy Vault
-Thief Vault
-Dash Vault
-Kong Vault
-Kash Vault
-Side Vault
-Turn Vault

-Safety Tap
-Quadrupedal landing

Bar techniques
-Bar kip
-Muscle up

Wall techniques
-Climb up
-Tic tac

** Combinations**
-Double Kong
-Pop Vault
-Cat to cat


Interactions between two actors. Aggressive actions during arguments or disputes.

"Look at me when I’m talking to you" Masculine
(person B has their back to person A, person A grabs the shoulder of person B and forcefully turns them to be face to face)

"Back off" Masculine
(Person B shoves Person A with both hands)

**“You’re going down” **Masculine
(Person A tackles Person B from the front)

Basically any scene between two disputing actors having a dialog where their gestures are aggressive, hostile, then violent towards each other.

Bravado Masculine, and Feminine versions
Scenes where an actor does all their dialog gestures in a provoking way, smug, and condescending.