Giving AI control to an actor while still possessed by a player?

Hey Everyone,

I’m trying to figure out how I can allow an actor to continue using it’s normal AI even after a player possesses it. This is for a mod that I’m working on for Ark: Survival Evolved. In Ark when you mount a dino the player possesses it and the dino no longer attempts to do anything on its own. I’m basically wanting to be able to push a specific key on the keyboard and turn on “auto-pilot” and give control back to the AI while still riding it. The use cases are mostly so that it can fight for itself and follow other players/NPCs around without me having to sit there and guide it.

I have tried to unpossess the player from the dino via blueprints as soon as they begin riding and then use the dino’s original AI controller to re-possess it but for some reason in Ark unpossessing immediately causes the player and dino to disappear and then the player is forced to respawn. I also tried to go straight to possessing the dino with its original controller in the hopes of replacing the player controller without unpossessing first but that still triggers a respawn for the player character that is mounted on the dino.

Is there a better way to pull this off?