Giving actor, location from player

I am trying to “shadow” the player in the -1100z. I made it work with a CameraActor. But with the actor i can’t. Help much appreciated.
The problem is not in the z value thing, i know that, but i can’t get it to update the position at all.
alt text

The problem is that it won’t update the location. (I know that there is some excessive things, and that the z value thing looks a little messy, but that is not the problem.)

I don’t understand “ABS”. Cuz abs always return positive value.

Can you try blueprint in below?

Did you try to move “Default Scene Root” ?

Tried it, but it didn’t work.

I think there is a problem with the “default scene root”.

Can you try this?

  1. Click on ADD COMPONENT
  2. Add a new Scene
  3. Move the new scene to make it ROOT.

Then, try again to move the sprite or the scene (as Sertan mentions).

I find out that most of the problems on things that doesn´t move properly are Scene related, so this might help.
Let me know.