Github project does not build. The property 'NMakeBuildCommandLine' doesn't exist

I’ve got a strange problem on 4.19. I’m attempting to place an open source project on github, complete with config files and the .uproject file.

I’ve been following this answerhub post:

Here is my repo:

I download the zip, unpack it, and move the root folder to c:/ProESports

Then I right click the .uproject and “Switch Unreal Engine Version” I choose my source built engine version.

This generates project files also.

I open the .sln and choose “Development Editor” “Win64” “ProESports”, then build…. VS Ouput window says
Build started: Project: ProESports, Configuration: LinuxTestServer x64

This results in Build: 1 succeeded.

Then I attempt to build UE4 Development Editor, which complains about make files being missing, and creates them.

Then I go back to build ProESports for development editor, and I get:
The property ‘NMakeBuildCommandLine’ doesn’t exist. Skipping…

Any clues as to what I am doing wrong here? Am I missing some files in the repo?