Github link account broken

The button to link to github accounts does not work. It just re-directs back to the original page. Facebook and twitch appear to work just fine.

Can one of your web devs please take a look at the issue please? I tested in chrome/firefox/chrome on android phone.

Same issue is happening for me. I wanted to checkout the source code but firefox says the service is temporarily unavailable. I sent off a tweet to Epic Games as well about it but haven’t gotten a response.

Maybe make a post on reddit? It doesn’t appear they read the forums often enough… at least the feedback section here… I also created a ticket on the issue but who knows if that actually ends up to the right department/person/still falls through the cracks.

I got my issue fixed through a support ticket, I had a Github account linked to my Unreal account that wouldn’t show up in the Unreal site. I had changed my Github user name last year which probably caused the issue.

@ViperG Could you share a screenshot of the precise button your’e having issues with?

I also created a support ticket and I included a link to a video on my google drive (< 5mb) because there is no error message, it just does a double re-direct. But my ticket should still be open…
It’s possible I have the same issue as Vallamost, i mean maybe I already linked my account from over 5 years ago and then changed my username at some point i cant remember. But I appreciate your response!

Video in question: