GitHub dependency zips and latest-preview snapshots

If you’re using Git, it will automatically download the new dependencies whenever you checkout or merge something. You can run Setup.bat at any time too.

With the source zips it’s a bit trickier to make sure you’ve got a clean sync without downloading everything again - you can’t easily update the source code in place without leaving deleted files around, and there’s no clean way to separate out things in the zip from things in the dependency downloads. There’s the content folder, samples, templates, bits of the ThirdParty folder - all mixed together within the same folders as the source.

Found a very nasty side effect: additional files are not cached anywhere outside the working copy. As a result, after “git clean -fdx” every time quite slowly downloaded 3GB.

Are the dependency files protected to be fetched only by active subscribers, like github access to the sources?

Good point. I’ll try to add caching for the 4.7 release.

No, you can get dependencies for any release you already have.

Looks good. Presumably setup.bat now downloads Required1of2 & Required2of2? Where do I get from now for VS2012 support?

No, it doesn’t download anything in zip files any more. All the individual files you need are stored as compressed chunks of data on our servers, and it will only download the files you need. That’ll exclude things like Mac libraries on Windows, or Android files if you don’t have the Android SDK installed.

VS2012 files will be included automatically on Windows.

ZIPs were redistribution friendly .-.

Edit: on second thought that’s a better redistribution method if all the Pc has the same configuration, download it one and zip-it.

A bunch of people have asked for a way to cache downloaded files, so I can certainly look at a way to redirect that caching to a shared location.


How to include HTML5 dependencies files?

The HTML5 dependencies will be downloaded if you have Emscripten installed (it looks for the EMSCRIPTEN environment variable).

Link to the tutorial showing what options can be passed to Setup.bat :
[TUTORIAL] How to use Setup.bat and how to reduce download size](

Currently using:

Setup.bat -exclude=WinRT -exclude=Linux -exclude=Linux32 -exclude=osx64 -exclude=IOS

Is setup currently working for OSX? As in the setup.command? Currently is just seems to exit.

EDIT: This is the latest promoted label.

It seems to be working fine on my Mac. Can you open a terminal window and run sh -x, then post the output?

That’s all I get… am I missing a dependency or something. This used to work however. I grabbed the latest via the github app.

is it possible that this Setup.bat is missing some Linux features take a look at my problem

I don’t think so; you shouldn’t need anything other than what’s in GitHub to make this work. I’ll PM you.

I am using

for mine for now :slight_smile:


I see one global problem for user who behind the Proxy or don’t have Admin rights: they can’t get necessary files using Setup.bat

So, is it still possible to get them somehow?

Thank you in advance!

You can specify a proxy to use on the command line like this:

Setup.bat -proxy=http://username:password@address

Or alternatively, set the HTTP_PROXY environment variable.

Hi Ben, I’ve just tried this under Linux with and envvar, but had no success.