Github always conflicts translations (.INT.udn etc...)

Whenever there are updates to translations (.INT.udn, Japanese and Korean and others I have not listed) they are recognized as conflicting by Github. Yet, I have never touched those files anywhere in my fork or local copy. See screenshot:

So far my attempts to find a better way than to solve them ONE-by-ONE via “Resolve->Take theirs”, have failed. :frowning:

Right now I am faced with well over a hundred of them and no automatic way of fixing those.
→ Because of the slow github/sourcetree user-interfaces I now have to spend the next hour or so fixing those things. :confused:


=> It would be super cool if someone had any better, preferably automatic way of accepting “their” version of such conflicting files.
OR even better, fix the issue at its source!
I mean I do not know why those would show up as conflicts anyway, maybe something wrong with the upload of these files or Githubs understanding of them.

Thanks in advance for your assistance and feel free to contact me for any additional info you may require to fix this.