GitDependencies.exe triggers Symantec Virus Alert

I just pulled down a fresh clone of my fork on Windows after syncing it to Github master on Linux (c4a189cd3057df1d18334fa4239ad76b0424154b), and when I ran Setup.bat my Symantec Endpoint Protection claimed that GitDependencies matched “SONAR.Heuristic.143” and quarantined it. I unquarantined and rebooted and tried again, but it did exactly the same thing. I had to disable the virus checker for Setup.bat to run successfully, which it appears to be doing now, but I am worried that Symantec will start sniping stuff in my tree again if I turn it back on. Please advise!

It’s triggering due to a heuristic rather than a known virus, which is likely being overly cautious. Running that executable through gives it a clean bill of health on all common virus scanners:

Thanks, Ben. Sorry, I didn’t mean to make it sound like you were spreading a virus. I just wanted to flag it in case it was breaking anyone else’s build.