Gimbal Lock on Pitch rotation, 2.5D side scroller

As you saw on the title it is a side scroller, I spent some days on this problem below.

I have a **flying **character which has a 2D movement (X forward, Z up) and the rotation is Y (Pitch), and those are the rules:

  1. The thrust is automatically created without the need of the user interaction.
  2. When he rotates the Y (Pitch) he will be able to go to every place in the scene (Forward and Up), because the thrust is automatic.

The problem
I’m not being able to use an FInterp on his rotation because of gimbal lock, so when I remove it the rotation get pretty bad, it’s rotation is based on a joystick, but not necessarily.


  1. I’m using PhysicsThruster (Blueprint -> Add Component -> Physics Thruster)
  2. Again, it’s an airplane (flying character)
  3. Gimme a sugestion of what I could use instead of Physics Thruster, maybe u’ve already done something like this before.
  4. When the character go to an opposite side he gets turned down, I can handle it, but if you wanna put it on the answer it would be great.

And just to clarify I made two questions because: if I use FInterp I’m going to get Gimbal lock on the Y axis, if I don’t the rotation is going to get pretty bad.