Giant Ants chasing player through the city (walk on walls/ceilings and Pathfinding)

I want to add ants like in the videogame EDF4.1 using only blueprints. Ants than can walk on walls, ceilings, even on giants robots that are moving.
I’ve seen a thread talking about this and apparently the animation and the walking part itself is more or less feasible.
The problem comes because I want to have them as enemies chasing me, so they should take basically all the surfaces into account to the pathfinding, instead of the regular horizontal ones.
How can that be done with blueprints?
Ant walking on a building:
If you need I can post more examples of what I’m trying to achieve.

I do not think it can be done in blueprints only. I mean the proper way in blueprints.

You can do it in blueprints however you need to code your own navigation , and AI functions. Which will be quite slow, so no more than about 20 ants at once.
Other way is to use C++ and extend character movement component, or at least look there how it is made. You also need to change navigation volume.
I also hope you are very skilled in vector math.

Ouch… well, thank you for the answer. I’ll try it and if I get something I will update this thread.

Ouch, well thank you. I’ll try it and if I get something I’ll update this thread.

One work around could be have the ants follow a spline that is generated from their position to the players position that conforms to the contour of the terrain.

The problems is making an efficient algorithm that makes a spline conform to terrain tightly enough to make the ants seem like theyre walking on surfaces. (Gentle slopes are easy. Sheer drops and overhangs are HARD).

I was interested in this topic, I can’t wait to see if you have solved this :slight_smile:

Other than current one,
In my theroy, you might need animation trick… If collision with wall, trigger animation.
Overlap cause animation blend to climb on wall. But really, in the code it still on the ground floor.
Use jump trick to made it look like climb up the wall or slope.

Random trigger to cause it climb on the ceiling.

if someone can post a tutorial on how to “use C++ and extend character movement component” will be my hero!!!