GI pretty dark, samples are nearly black and I can´t notice a real GI effect


I´m having troubles lighting my scenes, my GI produce nearly black samples:


I have a skylight, a sky, etc… and I tried different configurations, what am I doing wrong, I can´t achieve a pretty lighting at all, here is my lightmap configuration, in theory in this scene everythign should be super bright, white floor, white skye with a few clouds, a skylight with good brightness capturing the scene for the lighting, etc…

I´ve also tried to use an HDR for the skylight, but I can´t convert it to a cubemap to work with unreal, and I also tried a PNG, both HDR and PNG are equirectangular images, but I can´t get them to work with the skylight.

Thanks in advance for the help.


Sorry but you have to provide more information to get help!
Are your lights static? What are your light’s settings? /intensity/ Same for the Skylight…
…from this screenshot it looks like you have lighting only from the bottom… But that red logo (?) looks bright to me…

Yes, my lights are static, I tried with the skylight in static and stationary, the intensity has been between 1 and 3.

The red logo is bright because it´s static, but the samples you see there are the volumetric lightmap samples, and they are dark as hell, so no GI to characters and moving objects, the light is weird.

The Sky Light will only read .EXR files if I remember correctly, but you can use any texture format in a skybox to capture in the Sky Light. What is your exposure set to? If your background is primarily an emissive white surface, your exposure is likely to be underexposing to compensate.

Mmmm… good point the underexpose theory, I´ll check that, and I´ll try to import exrs for the cubemap, I´ll post here my findings


IMO if it was exposure the red logo would be effected too… you can tune it up but then your static meshes will be burnt out…
Skylight can read HDR(i) too! …here is a short tutorial:

Thanks Makigirl! I´ll try it :slight_smile:

That is true, but just beucase the environment may be burning everything, theoretically if I´m´able to equalize the lighting correctly nothing should be burned out, but I have not tried yet, will see, I´ll post my findings.