Ghost Snakes Run, Ghost YoYo Test, Pillar Dodge Game, blueprints

Ghost Snakes Run

Snakes is a drill, on a field there’s 10 yards, 20, 30, 40, you run across the lines, then up, across, then up, till you reach 100, forming a snake pattern.

This is a variation, no field is needed. Run there and back, teleport to second plane, run there and back, and up the sides as well. It records the there and back time,
divides by 2 for the straightaway and 10 for the across run, for the ghost time you’re racing against, which your time will overwrite.
Press android back to start.
Press android back to race ghost after there and back set time.
Press android back to reset.

Google Drive Link:…cO?usp=sharing Demonstration Video:

Ghost YoYo Test Run

YoYo test is a test where you run 20 yards then run back, wait 10 seconds, then run 20 yards again, against a decrementing timer.

This is a variation on that. Press android back to start, run to end and then start, wait 10 seconds, run again against the time you got, the ghost
will know, it overwrites if you beat it.
Press android back to reset ghost position to race it.
Android back to reset.

Update: Ghost fix, automatic move when player wins or ghost moves synced with player
Google Drive Link:

Demonstration Video:

Pillar Dodge

Pillars now all move randomly to make it more interesting.
Detached pillars from parent and attach the specific pillar to the location and rotation on movecomponentto.

Android back to start and reset
Run forwards, avoid getting knocked off, restart if fall too far and can’t reset before it doesnt let reset.

Lerp interoperalate to move using timeline, setting new time from timeline by branch to if timeline is 5 select between 0.5 and 3.5 play rate.
Parent and child actors attached to mimic. Relative rotation. Update a location gradually using timeline and lerp.

Google drive link:…YW?usp=sharing

Demonstration Video: