GetWorldTimerManager in derived class which is not in UWorld

Hello everyone,

I have some trouble with getting GetWorldTimerManager() to work in a derived class which is not placed in the editor.
My ABaseCharacter (which is placed in the Game) uses a c++ class by instantiating it this way;

AMeleeCombatSystem *meleeSystem = Cast<AMeleeCombatSystem>(AMeleeCombatSystem::StaticClass()->GetDefaultObject();

My cast works an I can access the meleeSystem from my BaseCharacter, but when I try using GetWorldTimerManager(); code crashes.
I believe the reason is, that AMeleeCombatSystem is not placed in UWorld, so I tried to access GetWorldTimerManager by using ABaseCharacter::GetWorldTimerManager(); but without any results.

A more detailed info can be found here :

Long story short,
Is there a way to use GetWorldTimerManager() from a class which is not in the UWorld?

Thanks a lot


Your best case may be passing a pointer to a UWorld into the class function.