Getting World Extents of Viewport

Say I wanted to place boxes in 3D space on the edges of the camera’s viewport. How would I begin to accomplish this? I tried subtracting half of my resolution, but that didn’t do it. I don’t want to do this through UMG, I actually want to place them in 3D space.

Thanks for any guidance on this.

He Brit,

There is a away of working out screen size. Soon as you got the resolution the player is running. You could use your actor location and reference off the to get in view port


Attach them to the camera and make them hidden until you need them.


you could use a 2D vector my guess, same as people are using for text popups.


Basically, I have a floating camera and I need to get the real world position of each side. It is proving to be a challenge. I tried halfing the resolution to find each side, but that didn’t work as expect.