Getting widget's "on-clickeds" to fire on gamepad

I am working on a game with no level and no character. The game is a series of questions with four answers each and a ui button widget for each answer. It is a game that only exists on ui widgets. With mouse or keyboard it works perfectly: the keyboard focuses and highlights ui buttons properly and spacebar or enter “clicks” them.

The problem is that the gamepad only does the same on “face button bottom” and I want ALL the buttons to behave as if spacebar or enter had been pressed. I am a beginner with blueprints and after hours I have not found any way for the gamepad to “click” a ui button.
Help with this will be greatly appreciated.

Hey @ProfessorPedro welcome to the forums! Navigating widgets via gamepads is definitely something you need to set up a bit manually. Here’s a (not so quick video) from UE community that shows how to set up a selector for UI. That said you may have to extend it a bit to be able to constantly change widgets, depending on the rest of your game. Let me know if you have any questions: Gamepad Support for UMG | Community Led Training | Unreal Engine - YouTube

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