Getting textures from 3D program in UE4 (help)

So I have a question and I’d appreciate it if someone could help me out. Say I make a 3D mesh in Zbrush and texture it how can I bring it into UE4 textured? Right now when I import a .fbx mesh in UE4 it’s just a plain white color and not the texture that I put on it in the 3D program. I think I know what I have to do and that’s unwraping the UVs however I’ve never really had to do that before so I never learned it, I’m sure it’s not hard but if that’s what I have to do could someone point me to a good tutorial video on how to do it? I know that once I get the texture into UE4 I have to make a material and apply the texture to it.

The easiest way it to export the texture separately :slight_smile: Then just import it and create a material.
Otherwise make sure that you include the texture in the export settings + that it is in a right file format (png, tga, jpg)

So if I make say a creature with idk green skin, with black armor and a red sword if I just take the texture from the model and make it a material in UE4 all the colors will be in the correct spot when I apply it?

No, you will have to create material slots for them. After that import the texture - create a material - assign them to the right slots :slight_smile:

But when you have everything on one single texture + uv mapped your mesh, then you just have to create a material + assign it to the mesh

Ok got it, thanks a bunch for the help.