Getting Started with VR

This is basically what everyone tried to do to work around it.

Get the 3 Transforms on the Local Client, push them to the Server and let the Server update everyone else.

Just how you would imagine that it works. Thanks for sharing though! (:

If someone has time, try it out and see if the VR stuff replicates properly.

We’ve made this demo VR maze for HTC Vive at Program-Ace with Unreal Engine. It’s quite a simple project, it took about a week, but still quite impressive

Thanks a lot for this info. Does anybody maybe know how I could take the Stanford course if I’m not a student there? Is this even possible?

Every tick, get the CameraComponent’s relative transform on the owning client, and replicate that to the server via a server replicated event

Here is one good blog about virtual reality and augmented reality.
Also, this company has many other offers

I’m sorry but the forum and the answerhub seems dead, can someone please put a few minutes on my problem and attempt to help me?
I’m trying to help others as well so it would really be nice to get some help back.
Here’s my problem:

Hey guys,
i have a quite basic question. Till now i used a template to use the HTC VIVE in my project, the Proteus Template. It is awesome, but i would like to know how to migrate the hands and the added functions and stuff like in the VR Template “Motion Controller Map” instead. The template doesn’t run good with the 4.15 and i would have to replace it with the 2.1 anyway.
Which files do i need and what do i have to change in my project?
Thank you very much for your help!

I like the 3D videos and VR headsets, like the Samsung Gear VR, PS VR, Oculus Rift DK2. etc, they are all excellent. You can get the relliable information:3D Movie on VR Headset Playback Tips and Solutions

Hey Folks, I have a quick question, hope this is the right spot.
So I want to set my unreal project up for VR and the VIVE.
normally I start with the VR template and I don’t have any problems.
This time the project was created already as a “Blank Template”, I tried to implement the VR Template but it doesn’t really work.

So basically my question is, to be able to walk around through that level in VR what do I have to do?
I did not really find anything helpful online so far, I believe that it is a quiet simple thing to do and I am just missing it.
Or do I have to create a new Level with VR PreSets?


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Hello there,
all you need to do is to migrate the level you created on any template (ex: First Person Shooter) to the VR Template, then you must add a “NavMeshBoundsVolume”
and don’t forget to delete the cameras and pawns and the “Start Player” you migrated from your scene and place the new “MotionControllerPawn” from the VR Template into the scene.

This works as your starting point in the level, and to know if your NavMeshBoundsVolume is well placed all you need is to press the “P” Button to show you the affected area you can navigate with your controllers. and makes sure it covers all the navigation area you want.

Most important ! don’t forget to select the motion controller pawn you placed in the scene and change the Auto Posses Player to “Player 0”.

and let me know if you have any problems.

Thanks Nobel that was surprisingly helpful…as an Unreal noob I was scratching my head on this because I missed the "Auto Posses Player to “Player 0” setting …much appreciated.

good Documents for VR. I also want a guide on VR for iOS, please share more about it.

Would be helpful for me as well

NVIDIA VR Funhouse editor is extremely slow and won’t load correctly on Oculus Rift.

I know this is an “old” free game, and maybe the editor is straight broken with it now but I’ve been trying to dip my toe into VR development by making some mods.

I was following NVIDIA’s official tutorials on youtube and have noticed that trying to add anything new in blueprints takes a long time to bring up the menu when I right click. On top of that frustration when I go to test it I can’t choose a Play option because the arrow drop down won’t work and simply pressing play I only hear sound with the head set on.

Would anyone have any insight on this? Would the fact that Oculus, SteamVR, and UE4 having to all be open while modding be a good reason?

Appreciate any response, thanks!

Footstep sounds in VR. Yay or nay?

I like the ambiance of the old Resident Evil games where there’s no sound except for your footsteps. But I’m afraid the movement speed and footstep sounds will throw players off balance. Guess I’ll implement it and find out.

For getting started with VR Games first you all need to know about What is Virtual Reality? As the name said virtual reality meany man-made reality, you feel like you are inside the game or war if you play game through VR. This post may help you

A virtual situation ought to give the proper reactions continuously as the individual investigates their environment. The issues emerge when there is a postponement between the individual’s activities and framework reaction or idleness which at that point disturbs their experience. The individual becomes mindful that they are in a fake domain and alters their conduct in like manner which brings about a stilted, mechanical type of cooperation.

M&A data room

Hi, hi everyone, I’m studying this program, but I’m still a beginner.
How do I add the ability to navigate in VR on a project already implemented without this possibility? :slight_smile:
I have already tried many solutions, but I can’t insert the VR mode in an Archiviz project without VR.
Do you have any solution?
I have attached the image of the project I purchased

Thanks :wink:

Shoert Question, is it possible to change the Character in a 20% Ready Project to a Vr Character or is it better to start with a new VR Project from Scratch and reimport stuff?

A week? Really?I know that many companies spend months on creation of VR simulations and serious simulation games