Getting spawned actors to stay at a relative distance and orientation to a VR player Pawn

Hi everyone,

I’m currently working in VR and have blueprints set up that allow me to spawn an object on button press and then use a grabbing system to move them around and lock them in place in the game world when released. I am trying to have these objects stay in the same relative position and rotation to the player as they move around, while still being grabbable and movable (so that the player can move and release them into a different position). Here is what I have so far:


As you can see this obviously doesn’t have any progress into the functionality I want as I haven’t been able to figure it out. I have tried attaching them to the pawn but couldn’t figure it out. Everything in this section is essentially just telling the object where to spawn based on controller location.

Anyone tried anything similar or have any ideas that might work?

Hello RolexRage,

Just to understand correctly. You have it now that the grab objects spawn at the location from your controller.
What you still have to do is that they move with the player? and that you can drag them?

I seem to have figured out how to do it now. Following was accomplished by spawning a static mesh with the pawn and socketing each new grabbable object to it on spawn, to then allow these screens to be movable and retain their following nature we had to turn on physics when grabbing and then turn it off and re-socket the object upon release.

Hey RolexRage,

could you post a screenshot of the blueprint im having the same problem and it would be extremly helpful to see how you did it. I spawn some images on quad meshes which then should be movable but it seemes only possible to do this with physics objects.