Getting sky sphere color after sun position?

Hi, I am trying to get my heightfog to match the color of my sky sphere. So I got the sky sphere color and used it to set the color of my heightfog.
However, it turns out this only gets values of the sky sphere when it’s not affected by my directional light.

Is there any way to get the true final color of my sky sphere after the sun position has been added to the color output?

I could manually create all the various colors and lerp between them based on the sun brightness or rotation, but this is rather cumbersome and I would have to redo it every single time I wish to change or tweak my lighting.

Are you using 4.25? The new Sky Atmosphere actor looks nice… you could try “Support Sky Atmospere Affecting Height Fog” setting.

I moved over to 4.25 just today actually and have implemented sky atmosphere and made the directional light get affected by it.
The atmosphere turns dark at night and blue at day, as expected. But even with the Affecting Height Fog project setting on, it doesn’t seem to actually do anything?