Getting random traversable point from recast navmesh

I’m pretty sure this is incredibly obvious once you know how to doi t, but I have a Navmesh Bounds Volume positioned in my scene, and I’m trying to write a very rudimentary blueprint function that, given a navmesh, returns the coordinates of a random reachable location on that mesh. Get Random Reachable Point in Radius does exactly what I need, but it requires a nav data reference, which I assume means a direct reference to my recast mesh. I have a reference to the bounds volume itself, but I don’t see any getters or exposed variables that let me access the navmesh; how do I actually get a reference to the nav data from a reference to the mesh that generates it?

As far as im aware you dont need to supply the NavData reference to the Node.

The small tests that i have done all returned valid locations without a Reference to any NavData object.

Oh hey, that works… thanks for the clarification. :slight_smile:

I also found How do i use UNavigationSystem::GetRandomPointInRadius in c++ ? - C++ Gameplay Programming - Unreal Engine Forums to be useful if you want to do the same thing from C++.