Getting PhysX crashes often

Been getting PhysX related crashes a lot recently (with 4.10.2) when shotting projectiles at physX objects. Sent crash dump with machine ID F87B756443F95CE9986941A672FE5264 .

[2016.01.22-16.01.56:743][849]LogWindows:Error: === Critical error: ===
Fatal error!

[2016.01.22-16.01.56:792][849]LogExit: Executing StaticShutdownAfterError
[2016.01.22-16.01.56:907][849]LogPhysics:Warning: PHYSX: (0) 8 : PxScene::lockWrite() detected after a PxScene::lockRead(), lock upgrading is not supported, behaviour will be undefined.
[2016.01.22-16.01.56:907][849]LogPhysics:Warning: PHYSX: (2532) 8 : PxScene::lockWrite() detected after a PxScene::lockRead(), lock upgrading is not supported, behaviour will be undefined.

Using level streaming and maybe have got all these crashes with physX objects that are made in streamed level.

Hi ,

  • Can you post your crash logs here? They are located at \Unreal Projects\PROJECTNAME\saved\logs
  • What steps are you taking to reproduce this on your end?
  • Does this occur in a clean, blank project with no additional content or is it limited to one project?
  • Was the project created in 4.10 or was it updated from a previous engine version?
  • Does it occur immediately or after several interactions with physics objects?


sure included 3 logs that had physX crash:

The crash seem to happen randomly when projectiles (like bullet) hit physic enabled static meshes. I would try to spam much projectiles that collide physic object. In my case I mostly have shoot at trash pack asset (from marketplace) actors that have sound played when collided.

But also just got freeze in another tiny test map when only projectile was just shot (not sure if it hit any physX object). So maybe its more related to the projectile. Last log message from that session was (it cut out after freeze):
“[2016.01.23-21.15.54:345][682]LogAnimation:Warning: JumpToSectionName P0 bEndOfSection: 0 faile”

Project was created orginally in May. Have made a copy each time when new engine build have been released. Issue appear instantly when projectile is shot or it collides the physX object. But happens quite randomly. I would say each around 300. bullet cause crash. I have never seen the crash happen early session so maybe something builds up and at the end crashes. There is no slowdown before the crash (and the projectiles are destroyed so those dont pile up).

What are the collision settings you are using both on the physics objects and your projectile? Does this occur if the projectile just hits a regular, non physics static mesh, such as a cube?

Hi ,

We have not heard from you in several days. I am marking this as answered for tracking purposes. If you are still experiencing this error, please comment with the requested information.

It have started to look that the crash wasnt caused by physX but enviroment query or something related to that. I remade AI and the query was much more used after that. Got much crashes that ended when taking out the query. The logs have physX always mention so I might have looked to wrong direction. But I will keep looking and testing. Will do sepate ticket for the query, but will test it more if I am using it wrong somehow. Will add cooldown and return location check at least.

The bullet have block for all except for camera and vision. Also the bullet collision was my own made channel. Hit and overlap is on. Also trace complex on move and return material on move.

HI ,

I’m happy to hear you have narrowed down the error you were seeing. I will mark this as answered for tracking purposes. Once you have repro steps for the query crash, please post a new thread detailing what is occurring along with steps to reproduce it on our end.