Getting Pawn to Move?


I currently have a horse blueprint based off of this tutorial:

I have gotten my default player character to posse and “ride” the horse, also able to look and rotate the horse with the mouse.

However, I can’t figure out how to get the horse to move using the Input keys I have assigned already (eg for the player himself). How do you do this? I currently have the same scripts copied over from the default character from the FPS template. I have it set to “Auto Receive Input” from Player 0, so receiving input is not disabled.

I’m not really sure whats wrong here.

Any help would be appreciated. If any additional information that could be used to help in figuring this out just let me know.


Could you show me the BP you’re using for the input on the horse?

Because just from what you said it should work like a charm :slight_smile:

It’s obviously receiving input otherwise it wouldn’t be able to rotate. My first guess would be you’re horse is a pawn and not a character but you use character functions for the movement… but it’s really hard to tell just like that :wink:

Hi Eraiso,

I actually got it to work. It was indeed the blueprint being a pawn and not a character, so I switched it and all is good now! This is my first major blueprint thing I’ve ever done so it been a bit of a learning experience about how things work here :slight_smile:

Hello !

I need to create a 3rd character riding a horse, but I’m probably not as experienced as you are :-/

I have some question :

  1. Is your horse a pawn or a character class ?
  2. How did you make the main character “follow” the horse when it is possessed ?
  3. Do you know any beginner tutorial that can help me on this ?

I already did some on Youtube about possessing, but it is always about switching character (or hide the first one when it is a car possession), not “riding”

Thank you very much !