Getting New Computer - Will This Setup Be Beneficial?

So I wanted to use UE4 for Development of a new game. I was going to use this computer, but was sadden to find out this was a tad bit outdated. This computer which is already bought, is it good for development will it hold


  • 8GB Ram
  • 1 TB
  • Intel i5 Quad Processor 3.1 Gh
  • Geforce GTX 750, not Ti, just regular Geforce GTX 750. 2GB

Will This do - Frame Rate, Stability, will it run?

I have 8 gig ram 1tb intel i7 860 amd radeon hd 5850 1 gb works ok It error me like twice dunno if its cus its an old card but yea

The GPU seems pretty weak going by the [,3107-7.html](Tom’s Hardware GPU Tier List).

I wouldn’t personally recommend anything weaker than a GTX 660 or HD 7850 (unless you’re strictly interested in mobile/browser type games).

What is your budget?
I’m assuming IBUYPOWER might be charging a premium and you might be able to find a computer parts store that will put your machine together for free and be cheaper.

Well This Would Be Better Than a GTX 660 right? Because this a GTX 750? Will I be able to do pc game development

Not necessarily, the generation is better (7XX versus 6XX), but the range is worse (X5X versus X6X).

The 660 is less efficient, but more powerful for gaming.

It seems like the GTX 660 is not only better than the GTX 750, but also better than the 750 ti.
Just note when I say better I mean purely from a performance standpoint, the 750/ti are probably better in other ways like power consumption etc.

Remember the 7 only stands for what ‘generation’ the card is, the numbers after are sort of where they sit power wise when they are released.

Unless you really want to jump in and start learning now, I’d really recommend waiting and saving if you can.

Here is some benchmarks (sorry if my previous link was broken!).

I have some Radeon 7000 series also, and the engine runs fine. Another thing that can help is SSD drive.

I have a similar build and it works fine
Intel I5 4690K
geforce GTX 760

It’s certainly a step up =]

Also the AMD r9 280 might be a better and cheaper option (But it’s very close), r9 280x being an even better but slightly more expensive option (going by newegg prices).
Either of those or the GTX 760 will be enough to get you going, they’re all better then the card I’m using so you’ll be able to have a pretty good experience I think =]

I’m trying to find the ones you’re looking at but not having much luck =

EDIT: I really assumed IBUYPOWERs website would be more easy on the eyes -_-

If you’re making a serious game then an Intel i5/FX 8xxx, 8GB RAM and a GPU at least equivalent to a GTX 760/R9 270X is pretty much the minimum you should go for. 8GB RAM is essential.

Whelp. I just upgraded to a GTX 750 but I was coming from an awful GT 610. It’s kinda heaven for me though with at least acceptable frame rates.

Well I got the computer recently and everything works fine, framerate is great and beautiful quality. I knew it would work after watching that video showing off a high-end environment i Unreal

Seriously dude that’s a fine setup for UE4. I’d make sure to do a console command: t.MaxFPS 30 So it doesn’t overheat too much.