Getting Microphone Audio Input and Using Audio Visualization on the Stream?

Honestly, just need these two things for Blueprints: microphone input and the ability to perform audio visualization analysis on the stream in order to get things like pitch/frequency in real time.

I’ve seen vague C++ code, some hints here and there, but no concrete “here’s how.” Heck, it doesn’t even seem possible to just read out input from the Mic even though there are blueprints that already take advantage of said feature, which makes little sense to me.

Anyone? Thoughts? I am not doing this any other way than Blueprints, so no 'prints = no project.

That is all. :slight_smile:

bump Any more information? Perhaps in a future Unreal version? 4.9?

Hi! I’m need the same thing. Any idea?

me too! mainly trying to do some realtime visualisation for a DJ friend of mine…

Yep, a well needed feature, tones of stuff could be done with this in vr

I want it too. Aaron McLaren, can you add this feature while youre rewriting the sound engine?