Getting Kite & Lightning's Stereo Panorama plugin working

I was trying to get the stereo panorama plugin working for capturing panos.

It built fine on latest Github code. I can load the plugin.

But when you invoke a sp.PanoramicScreenshot it crashes out:

“Assertion failed: Family->Views.Num() == 2 (SceneRendering.cpp line 882)”

This sounds like it needs stereo mode on or such but this is on my Vive setup with the cameras correct.

There is a Panoramic Pawn object I can drop into the scene but not clear at all what that is for.

Anyone able to get this plugin to work?

An update, I just tried it on an oculus in VR preview mode while rendering stereo and it crashed out with same error.

I got an update from Epic that this CL may fix the issue.

For anyone following along, that CL does fix the crash. But when capturing the images. The capture doesn’t look stripped correctly. At the very least, the default settings for the plugin don’t work well.

This is a simple room with a doorway. The step size was set to 1 degree horizontal.


I am not sure why it says it needs to do three strips vertically and even they are not nearly correct.

I have figured out the tricks to getting this to work. On the latest Unreal, support for SP.ConcurrentCaptures is broken and causes the above issues. Setting this to 1, makes the image come out as I expect.

So summary for others:

  • Get latest 4.11 code.
  • Get the code patch mentioned above
  • Set the concurrent rendering to 1
  • Turn off image space options such as ssao.

If anyone has an idea to get the concurrent rendering working, let me know.

Update on the concurrent rendering. That is fixed in this CL

No documents.

Follow the links do not look at the document. I want to document your github.
(About the same time rendering)