Getting Information On Event Overlap


I have set up a sphere collision component so that when one NPC of a class goes up to another NPC of a different class, they can read certain information about that NPC present in their blueprint controller. I do not know how to make the blueprint that would retrieve this information upon event overlap. I’m fairly newly to Unreal! Any help is much appreciated!


You must use the Event OnComponentBeginOverlap and Event OnComponentEndOverlap.

Follow the logic below:


Change the “Cast to classes” to the ones you use. (preferably cast to a parent class of your characters)
When the overlap ends, your reading character variable is set to null, and your event tick will not trigger the “Read Controller” function.

The “Read Controller” function is symbolic, do your logic instead.

This logic is not perfect, as you can see whenever a player enters the InteractSphere collision zone it overrides the reading character variable, but also I’m not sure if you want to exclusively read one player controller or make an array of player controllers and add it everytime a character start overlapping your sphere and remove everytime a character ends overlapping.

Thank you very much! I shall do this now.