Getting hired being non-EU


Let me first introduce myself for better understanding of my question.

I’m a student from Moscow and at the moment I do my diploma thesis in Forschungszentrum “Juelich” (Research Centre “Juelich”), Germany. Actually, it’s an 8 months contract which expires on the next February and I’m back to Moscow. My speciality is particle accelerator physics. Actually, I develop analysis software for physicists.

I tried gamedev in high-school. There was some progress and I liked the process of developing very much. It is almost a fortuity I’m in physics now. But on my last courses in university I decided that I want to develop games in future (particularly, programming gameplay). So to get a job after graduation I work on my game when I have a time. My plan is to make some gameplay demo to the end of this year and use it as my portfolio.

In Moscow and in Russia at all there aren’t much studios where I would like to work, so I want to get back to Germany work there.

My question is to those who work in a gamedev studio in Germany or in another EU country: do you have foreigners in your studious, particularly those who were hired from Russia? And how do you estimate my chances of being hired as a foreigner in case I fit all the job requirements?

Please, share your experience. I would appreciate that much.

Thank you!

I will close this thread, because you have the same one here: :slight_smile: