Getting Display Adaptor Screen Resolutions using blueprint?

Hey Everyone,

I’m currently working on a group based university project in which we are developing a blueprint scripted game. I’ve been trying to find out a way of getting a list of available screen resolutions from the graphics card so that the player can change the game resolution in a drop down menu presented in the options screen. I don’t know of any documentation that refers to this and the only current way I know of doing it is using a plugin (Victory plugin) for a C++ based UE4 Project (the plugin fails to compile for the blueprint project). I’ve attempted to merge the current project content into a blank C++ project (both are running the same engine version. Version 4.7). However this ends up breaking a bunch of blueprint scripts (that other programmers have worked on and are some complex systems). Does anyone know of a way to get a list of available screen resolutions using blueprint or another alternative?

Any help would be appreciated.