Getting Client's Current Camera Position

So, I’m working on a game that I plan to be multiplayer in the future. However, I want certain components on the character actor to know their relative angle to the camera - but I don’t want them to report their angle to the camera attached to this actor, I want them to report the angle in-between the current actor’s rotation, and the camera being used by the player running the client, who is playing as a different character.

The math of getting the angle isn’t a problem - the problem is how to call for the position of not a particular camera, nor of the camera attached to this actor, but the camera that the player running the client is using.

This is a cue for different particle effects to play. If I’m looking at this object from a head-on angle, then I want one particle emitter to play, but if I look at it from a different angle, I need to trigger another particle emitter to play.

So although each player has their own camera behind them (somewhere around a 180* angle), I want to know what the angle is from the current player’s camera, to the other player’s character.

I hope I made that understandable…

So would this be the location of the player camera manager, or?..