Getting Child components

Hello guys!

I have a class, that has only RootComponent and some logic. I make other ActorBP’s with this class as parent and add some components to them.

BP’s Structure to see what i got:

Main BP

Child BP(Main is parent class)
-Parent Stuff
-Other components
-Extra logic

I have this situation here. I need to dynamically spawn Child Blueprints and then get their components. What I need, is to get access to that components, but the problem is, that I can’t do cast, because I have many o these childBP’s, so, what i’m trying to do:
2015-01-11 20-18-41 Minimal_Default  - Level Blueprint Editor.png

It gives me value of 0 eventhough this class has one component:

2015-01-11 20-20-41 ItemSt_Chair.png

I think thats because of my parent. Because If make Actor blueprint and add there something and some components, it will give me correct value.

So, how can I get access to that component??

I noticed, that If I create Actor blueprint with [ROOT] Scene > StaticMeshComponent(with physics on) it won’t spawn in level at all but if I turn off the physics it will spawn. Same thing with my Child blueprint. It finds the components only if they will have physics turned off. Is it some kind of a bug or what?