getting an error from a bug. trying to not cause a hit by running into an enemy.

i can post shots of my blueprints (i don’t know what all you guys need to see anyways) later this afternoon if i need to when i’ll be around my computer again. working on a 3d side scrolling game. got the starter character to shoot bullets. then i needed some help with getting the collisions to work and not just have the bullets fly through the whole level. found the weaver games tutorial that covered this. bullets now get destroyed when they hit walls or the couple enemies i have set up. if i have a hit event wired straight to a print string it registers true with a hit on the enemy. i then add in a node of actor has tag as well as a branch then it does the following and won’t register a hit. i’ve tried redoing it enough that i can be pretty certain i have my tags correct. the result is supposed to not register a hit when i run into the enemy but the print string won’t show anything.

Error Cannot access ‘bullet_C_10’. It is pending kill. Property: ‘K2Node_Event_Other’ from node Construction Script in blueprint enemy1 - i think this is the bug i saw trying to find a fix for what i am trying to do.

i saw in the tutorial i was following that you might be able to do it with cast to actor but i can’t find anything of it. i couldn’t find anything of another way of going about it but i also don’t know to really search for it either. might be wrong on the language i need to search by.

this is what is causing the error

okay well i ended up finding a fix for it that works. a hit is registered and i can run into the enemy without registering a hit. i added a delay of .000001 in the event graph of the projectile blueprint. i added it between the event hit node and the destroy actor node.