Getting all assets of type?

So, I’m trying to create a UI panel that iterates through a number of assets (in this case, Infantry Classes for a class-based shooter) and adds certain ones to my UI.

However, I’m having trouble finding a way to do this in Blueprints. There doesn’t seem to be a way to get all assets of a certain type or any discoverability/loading of them.

Should be able to do a portion of this by…

  1. making a variable of that class, then drag that Class variable into your blueprint.
    2.Then drag off the Class variable, and cast to class.
    3.Drag off the Classes cast and get all actors of said class.
  2. Then set the out actors and promote it t a variable to make an array.

Thats about as far as I can think of to make this possibly work. It should look similar to this setup.

You will then need to set-up how you handle selecting which ones your adding to your UI. Not sure if this will work for what your doing, but hope it helps with pointing in the right direction!

Good Luck,

I’m not sure that will work. Get all actors of class returns an array of Actors, not classes, so the entities actually have to EXIST in the runtime first to be collected by that node.

I think what you are looking for is an Object Library. At the moment they can only be used (though they can be created in BP) in C++. I would search the documentation for them, they will likely help with whatever you’re doing.

Create a simple array containing all classes by hand and alter it at runtimethe above methos just works for all Actor’s in the game of a certain class. If you do not spawn them they returned array will be empthy

That’s what I’m saying. He doesn’t want an array with the spawned actor of the class, he wants an array of the class assets to be generated on the fly. That’s what Object Libraries can be used to do.