Getting AI to Communicate w/Each other

I’m trying to have whenever one AI sees the Player, to send Player’s location info to other AI. Essentially, this is for AI to call for “backup”. I’m doing so with Parent Class Base AI and its Children. I implemented an interface to do so and everything has compiled with no errors. However when the first AI spots me, it chases me but the other doesn’t come from its spot to get me. I know the interface executes because I put in messages to print to my screen to follow how my code’s executing. The interface comes from my base class Parent and is inherited by the children. My BPI Event is called from the Child class. The BPI itself is called from inside my BTT_Backup task. The task is then run from inside my AI’s BT whenever the player’s spotted. I have BTT_Backup set up such that all actors with specified tag are given the call only. This is done in a for loop to automate things. All AI allies within a specified range of AI[0]'s location are called with interface message. The first AI inside the array of actors with the same tag, is removed. AI[0] goes on to do its usual attack sequence while backup’s called.

Blueprint Base Class Child_01;base64

BTT Backup