getting a value from a different blueprint

I have a couple of pick-up blueprints and they include a value ( coin value in this case). In the player character, I want to use the value from the pick up blueprints so I can add it to the player’s score. I tried creating an object var as in the documentation, but I don’t know what to use in the target pin in the object reference. I have included my blueprint below. I am fairly new to unreal so I am sure that I am missing something simple. I have one coin on the level.


When starting out, is common to try reference objects by direct viariables, but you shouldn’t do that.
If you have 100 pickups in level you then need to add a reference for each of them…

Btw, the target is invalid because you a reference to the coin actor. If it’s a tutorial, it must be telling you that somewhere.

So how do I do it? It is not a tutorial, I am trying to follow the instructions in the unreal docs but I must be messing up somewhere. Basically, I just need to get the value of the pick-up before I destroy it

I figured out how to do it in this case. I added the value I needed as an input to the function on the player that is called when the object is picked up. I don’t know if that is the best way or not but it at least works.