Getting a bot blueprint to move through series of points?

I got a rough patrol layout going, but would like some simplification. Right now I’m forced to use a timeline to update the world position of each individual bot and this can lead to some weird behavior on occasion. I tried to use AIMoveTo but the bots didn’t move at all when I used that. :frowning: See example below of failed AIMoveTo.
It’s should be pretty simple but I’m not getting it I think. Any help?

Hi ,

Try running through some of the information on the documentation here:

There is a ton of information on how to set up AI to do a number of tasks, hopefully this will point you in the right direction!

I go into doing waypoint based movement in my AI tutorials for “Mob AI”, so if you look at those you might get some ideas:


I think a major problem I have is with the NavMesh - my game operates without a BSP floor, and when I place a NavMesh, the one it creates is above the origin point for all of my bots (don’t know if that affects anything). Also, if there is some way I don’t have to do use a behavior tree I would prefer to use that, since my game is fairly simple (or should be :: ) and I think it’s not worth my time to try to make one when I could just make do without.