GetResultsAsLocations or GetQueryResultsAsLocations?

I’m following a course where the tutor is using a blueprint node called “GetResultsAsLocations” but I’m using the Unreal Engine 4.25 and there is no such node but another node same to this node with execution pins, the name is “GetQueryResultsAsLocations”.
The following photo is of the course:

And the below photo is of my project:

Now I don’t know where to connect this node’s pins.
Help me.
Thank you

I looked in the source code, and GetResultsAsLocations has been deprecated with this message:

[Use] GetQueryResultsAsLocations instead, which is more efficient itself and protects against very bad perf issues in some blueprints.

Connect the GetQueryResultsAsLocation node’s in-exec to “Success”, and its out-exec to the ForEachLoop’s exec. Then connect “Result Locations” to the loop and you’re set.

Hope this helps!

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My problem has been solved. Thank You so much. I have been looking for the solution for some days in other communities but in vain.