GetRemoteRole() on the server with more than 1 client connected

I am a bit confused about the remote role for server pawns if I have more than one client connected. In that case, Owner->GetRemoteRole() called on a remotely controlled server pawn could actually return 2 different remote roles? ROLE_AutonomousProxy if the remote is the client controlling the pawn, and ROLE_SimulatedProxy if remote is a client that is not controlling it. From a quick test I gather that remote role in this case is always ROLE_AutonomousProxy (meaning I will only ever see GetRemoteRole() == ROLE_SimulatedProxy on the server for a pawn also controlled by the server, correct?). I guess it has something to do with who the player controller is for a particular pawn but I would appreciate it if someone could elaborate a bit more as to what GetRemoteRole() actually tells me and how net roles are designated internally.